Senin, 13 Juni 2011

Pozzo: "There Are No Valid Requests For Sanchez"

Giampaolo Pazzo, patron of Udinese, is still playing the cards indicating that he has not received concrete offers for Alexis Sanchez.  "There are no requests for Sanchez, I intend to speak of valid requests.  Sanchez is a very important player," said Pozzo, who did not deny that he would like to see the Chilean still with the shirt of the Udinese.  "I have spoken to Alexis and his agent.  I believe that eventually they will realize that I just can not sell Sanchez.  We haven't received any offer for him and this is the truth.  And preferably that Sanchez is staying with us and he would be very happy."

After saying that he still has not received any attractive offers for Sanchez, Udinese patron Giampaolo Pozzo has thrown a bait for the Inter management to catch.  After the unbalanced evaluation of Sanchez ("35 million won't be enough") and also some kind of prediction ("I would say that City are the favorite"), the patron of Udinese is calling Inter:

"With the Nerazzurri there have only been talks, we haven't been speaking in definitive form.  But things can be made at the last moment: president Moratti has said to sit down at a table even though we are not interested in the players included."

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