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Moratti Calls Bielsa


Over the weekend, the president called the coach that coached Zanetti and Samuel and now with Chile, Sanchez. 
He has asked the availability to guide Inter (this or next year?).  In that case, Leo would be open to become a director in the future.


Surprise: Moratti called the Argentinian coach.  Is he for post-Leo?
The president has contacted the coach of Chile who has seen the growth of Sanchez and coached Zanetti and Samuel. 

That phone call was a secret, but secrets do not last long in football.  As well as many other coaches.  So from Argentina, the news regarding that has started bouncing around about a coach, or rather two.  Because over the weekend, Massimo Moratti called Marcelo Bielsa, the coach of Chile in the last World Cup, to ask him about the availability to coach Inter in place of Leonardo.  His name, initially, surfaced before the sacking of Benitez.  Now Bielsa must respond to Moratti on whether he can coach now or in the future.  The Inter president has personally called the Argentinian coach, who was at his home in Rosario, but this is not enough to to be certain that Bielsa will arrive at Inter and Leonardo will leave.  Pending provided contradictions because in football, not only for Inter, that everything is denied before the conclusion of any negotiation.  We can stop at one certain fact about a phone call between Moratti and Bielsa, although his name was linked to Inter at one point when all the directors of Inter denied the possible sacking of Benitez.

Surprise So Moratti has previously thought about Bielsa before tacking on a surprise of Leonardo who could change the role once again, because his relationship with Moratti, unlike Benitez, is excellent and he is willingly to go back to his director role.  Never as in this case, therefore, the condition is a must for two reasons: first because it is unpredictable on whether or not Moratti's call may have been only for exploratory purposes, and because Bielsa has refused a coaching job on the bench of Seville, Real Sociedad, Roma and the United States national team.  The only certainty at this point is timing, because while it is true that the players are on vacation, Leonardo has the right, as well as the duty, to participate in the construction of a new Inter, so the decision to focus on Bielsa, or go on with him can not be postponed for too long.

Temptations There are reasons why Bielsa, whose nickname is "Loco" which is Pazza (Crazy) could be the right man for Pazza Inter.  And here we enter the garden of the possible (and plausible) temptations of Moratti.  Having followed his Argentina in the 2002 World Cup, we can say that, despite the early elimination, Bielsa built a spectacular national team, we saw the same thing a year ago in South Africa where he presented a surprisingly good Chile side with Alexis Sanchez.  But even before that, as club manager, he was very successful in Argentina by winning two championships with Newell's Old Boys and one with Velez Sarsfield.  The one single, small, perplexity because he never experiences in Europe, as he left Espanyol pretty much immediately to lead his own country.  A manic worker, Bielsa knows how to win over his players just like Mourinho.  And we cannot really rule out that captain Zanetti has spoken well of him because under Bielsa he played as a midfielder alongside with former Juventus player Simeon Sorin.  But also Samuel, who under Bielsa was the linchpin in the defense of three, has great estimation as well as other Argentinians at Inter.  There are many clues but they are not proving anything.  Because a phone call just cannot remove Leonardo from the bench even if it is sufficient for this to please Bielsa.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

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