Selasa, 18 Agustus 2009

Eto'o-Inter: it's official!

The Cameroon striker has signed with the Nerazzurri until 2014. He will be officially introduced tomorrow: "I am here to win everything. I have made history at Barcelona, but that history is finished now. A new story begins at Inter. I promise to work as hard as I have always done. That's how goals are made"

MILAN, 27 July 2009 - Samuel Eto'o is now an Inter player, as of 8:37 PM, when the striker signed a 5-year deal with Inter (until 2014), in the presence of Inter director Marco Branca, market consultant Gabriele Oriali, attorney Angelo Cappellini and the player's agents José Mesalles and Claudio Vigorelli. The official presentation of the former Barcelona centre-forward to the media will take place tomorrow at 2:30 PM in Appiano Gentile.

THE ARRIVAL Eto'o arrived in Milan at 8:35 this morning. Soon thereafter, he got his first taste of a crowd, even if this time around there were "only" reporters, photographers and people doing their work. His first comment was for Moratti: "He is a great man." Then, he addressed his new "colleagues": "Congratulations to my team-mates for winning already the first derby."

OFF THE PLANE Ready to welcome the player upon his arrival at Linate were attorney José María Mesalles and Inter's communications director Paolo Viganò, who flew back from the United States for this event. "I am very happy to be at Inter. I am here to work and win the Champions League title," added the Cameroon international who spent his first day in Milan undergoing medical examinations, first in Milan and then in Pavia.

MAKING HISTORY After undergoing medical examinations in the morning at the CONI's sports medicine institute, Eto'o travelled to Pavia and talked about his goals: "I have made history at Barcelona, but that history is finished now. A new story begins at Inter, I'm starting from scratch. I would like a new adventure and I hope everything goes well. I can't but wish Ibrahimovic good luck. I won many things at Barcelona and now I hope to do the same with these colours, if not more. I thank President Moratti who has been instrumental in brining me to Inter. I hope to repay him with my work on the pitch. Now it's important to regain my physical form and join the team to work together."

WORK ETHIC "I promise the fans that I will work everyday as I have always done," he explained. "This is at the base of everything, working with results in mind. I believe in work and in the group and I don't need to say that what I want to do is to score even more goals. I know I'm capable of scoring goals and that through my work I will be able to score even more." Then, a comment about the Champions League: "I know that Inter really want to win the Champions League but we cannot only think about that trophy," he added, "because if we are too focused on the Champions League, the other goals will become secondary and we may be at risk of elimination from European competitions. We need to take it one match at a time and consider each match as a final."

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