Selasa, 10 Maret 2009

Preview: Manchester United vs. Inter Milan

After withstanding Manchester United's dominating performance two weeks ago,
Inter Milan has a chance Wednesday to oust the Champions League holders and reach the quarterfinals.
Inter manager Jose Mourinho has history on his side going into Wednesday's second leg at Old Trafford: He has lost just one of 13 confrontations with United's Alex Ferguson.
The most memorable of Mourinho's victories came on his first visit to Old Trafford five years ago, when he guided eventual champion FC Porto to the final eight and sprinted down the touchline in celebration.

Mourinho joined Inter last summer after a stint at Chelsea, where he twice beat Ferguson's side to the Premier League title.

The Red Devils outplayed the Italian league leaders at the San Siro, but had to settle for a 0-0 draw and no valuable away goal.

That puts extra pressure on United's formidable defense to stop Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Adriano from scoring. Despite concerns over Rio Ferdinand's fitness, center back Nemanja Vidic will return after missing the first leg through suspension.

"He's a great player, he's done very well so far this year," Ibrahimovic said. "I'm looking forward to taking on Vidic. It's no problem for me to play against the best because that's part of the challenge. Players look forward to big occasions. You have to enjoy them.

"We have to win or draw to go through, but I don't think that any team really plays for a draw. We'll have to see how it turns out."

United defender Patrice Evra is confident about keeping Inter's strike force at bay.

"We really feel that people cannot score against us, be it home or away," the Frenchman said. "It makes us feel incredibly confident. We know we can win by scoring a single goal because we are able to hold on to a result."

Evra lost out to Mourinho's Porto side in the 2004 final during his Monaco days.

"Mourinho is the kind of coach that everyone wants to beat," Evra said. "I lost a Champions League final against him with Monaco, but I turned that around with United when I won my first league title here. That was a beautiful victory.

"I don't talk about revenge, but I really want to beat him again."

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  1. ehmmm kebetulan gue gak suka dua-duanya, karna gue nge-fans sama Persija doank wkekekeke... but gue dukung inter sob ^^

  2. Hey there, I've just uploaded my version of the first knockout stages. Please do check it out and let us your views on the matches today.

    Glad that I caould find an Internazionale supporter to share with me some view about the match against Man Utd. As you might know, that I'm huge supporter of Argentina from Malaysia. Of course I would love nothing than to see El Capitano Zanetti to lift the Champions League.

    As long as Inter can score first than they are in the driving seat. The defense is also weekend by the absence of Walter Samuel and Nicolas Burdisso.

    Please be aware when United bring in Carlos Tevez from the bench as he can caused plenty of trouble for Inter. I've also heard rumours that he might be heading to the San Siro next season.

    So what is your view about this game? What do you think Tevez coming to play for Inter next season?

  3. actually, I'm not a freak football..
    but I love football player (yg kasep kasep pastinya) hihihi

  4. actually, I'm not a freak football..
    but I love footpabb player (yg kasep2 pastinya, kayak christiano ronaldo, david beckham n gerard) hihihi

  5. actually, I'm not a freak football..
    but I love football player (yg kasep2 pastinya)
    kayak christiano ronaldo, gerard, ma david beckham hihihihi)

  6. padahal tulisan sy dicopas juga gpp

  7. hauhauaahhsauuahsuahaudhauidhahuaahauahauahauahauhaua

  8. Paraaaaaaaaah...
    selalu perdelapan sumpah kecewa...
    musim depan skuad harus ada yang tersingkir bung...
    kalo mau transfer harus yang bener2 diperlukan

  9. --pena emas
    weleh-weleh the jak nih..
    sayang inter kalah
    thanks for your info about argentinian player
    daniele de rossi ngga han?
    --kang luzman
    stressss pisan euuuuuuy

  10. Wah, jangan sedih deh interisti, g papa kalah soalx yg menang memang patut dapet quantuple rahun ini, hahahaha