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Derby Della Madoninna

Derby della Madoninna or in his meaning of Derby the small Madonnina valley, or Derby Milan as usual the person knew him, the sprinkling of hostility around the club italia A.C. milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano (inter). In December 16, 1899, Edward and people that based the Milan Cricket And Footbal Club establishment and because Edward was the person that High Profile then he was chosen as the President first Milan,and for the Club cricket in trained by Edward Berra then for the team of his football was trained by David Alisson that in general his player was original people milan. Afterwards the year 1908,ada some players who came from outside Italy that felt removed then established FC Internazionale Milano


Starting from when that emerged Rivalry that was hot around two clubs milan that. Then was begun the formation of the identity respectively the club.


Inter with the nickname of I-Nerazzuri or Blue black and Milan I-Rossoneri or Red black, and emerged many other nicknames after that.

And on the end of the season 2006 AC milan made the sensation, they were involved in the football scandal was biggest in Italia as well as them took part in polluting the good reputation of the city milan.. And because of the case (that normally is mentioned calciopoli) that also Inter got the durian collapsed the degree from Juventus the king of the scandal was given to inter. And beginning with this year inter could win Serie-A 3x successive.

And on the end of this week would the big derby.. Milan without the Kaka motor would be able to come back reaped the point was full on the rival him inter milan that was on-fire

AC Milan several times threw the opportunity to shorten the distance with Inter Milan away. It was final that this week the opportunity not necessarily was neglected because of the opponent who was waiting to be Nerazzurri personall

Milan ought to only have the remainder of six points when visiting Inter this week end. However the long Rossoneri illness that often was made by the difficulty when facing the weak team, and pointed results imbang with Reggina last week, made the clearance both of them currently are stuck to eight figures.

Carlo Ancelotti and all Milan player might continued to express optimism if scudetto still could be held because of the wheel of the competition indeed still quite long. However eight points were the distance of the giant who not necessarily was experienced by Rossoneri in view of the fact that they were the strong candidate this season champion, related the absence of Paolo Maldini cs in the Champions League and the arrival of many star players.

The arbiter's point between the two teams in fact could increasingly widened to 11 figures if Milan failed to repeat results of the first meeting then, when they won 1-0 through the Ronaldinho goal. If this condition true happened, Diavolo Rosso must be ready to retreat from the race pursued the degree of the champion.

After this week fight, Milan was still having 14 fights remained to be able to pursue Inter and continue to maintain the competition with Juventus. With the opponent who still was competing in the Champions League, the opportunity to merapatkan the distance and afterwards followed definitely him still was open.

Moreover the appearance skuad the upbringing of Jose Mourinho also unstable. Since the change in the year, Inter only won three times were from their six A. Dua Kali Series fights kept by Cagliari and Torino as well as could surrender on the Atalanta hands.

But before busy Inter periods in Europe came, Milan at least could merapatkan the distance and not increasingly far lagged behind. Efforts that apparently will be difficult to be realised because of the Kaka absence that was bandaged by the injury.

The history of the meeting of the two clubs in the A Series recorded Inter more superior on Milan with the victory comparison 61:58. However Rossoneri succeeded in defeating two last meetings each with the score 2-1 and 1-0.

"We had time a week to rest before derby and we will work hard to face this big match." We also had the superiority that was bigger compared to competitors, said Zlatan Ibrahimovic stated his readiness entertained Milan. In the meantime in the other match, Juventus would berussaha made use of torque killed each other between his two competitors by entertaining Sampdoria.

Although the opponent who will be dealt with only the team from the position 15 classifications, Bianconeri continue to although being on the alert considering before reaping the victory 2-1 over Catania last week, they precisely suffered the upper startling Udinese defeat and Cagliari.
Seen by us the week end later!
Forza INTER!!!

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